Many in our community have suffered the impacts from increased crime. This is a major issue and we are working to support law enforcement, prosecutors, and citizens to provide the tools necessary to address the recent crime wave.

Improvements from the past legislation session include:

  • Removing mandatory release requirements in favor of judicial discretion,
  • Criminalizing attacks on medical professionals who are trying to help people,
  • Granting judges more flexibility to hold offenders in jail while they await trial,
  • Empowering the Attorney General to ban dangerous new drugs by emergency regulation,
  • Ensuring judges can consider out-of-state criminal charges when making pretrial release decisions.

State Budget

In general, and where practical, I support a more limited role for state government. Back to basics as envisioned and authorized under our state constitution. Advance a zero-based budgeting strategy premised on the principle that the government should be accountable to Alaskans for every dollar spent. Identify and deliver reasonable and cost-effective alternatives for delivering critical state services. I am committed to closing the budget gap. The state has to preserve liquidity and adopt a sustainable, balanced budget. The administration and legislature need to exhibit the leadership necessary to restore public trust and confidence that state spending has been sufficiently reduced to justify the use of Permanent Fund earnings and potential new broad-based taxes to meet state obligations.


Some in the legislature are actively driving investment away from Alaska when we need to be doing the opposite. I will continue to fight to bring business investment to Alaska – not drive it away. We need to grow our way to greater opportunities – more jobs and a healthy Permanent Fund.