Alaska's State Budget

Alaska's State Budget

Alaska’s State Budget

As in local government, adopting a State budget is the single most important responsibility of the legislature.  The annual construction of the budget, beginning with what the Governor has suggested, establishes policy, service priorities, and can best clarify what is and what is not a State responsibility.

In general, and where practical, I support a more limited role for state government.  Back to basics as envisioned and authorized under our state constitution.  Advance a zero-based budgeting strategy premised on the principle that the government should be accountable to Alaskans for every dollar spent. Identify and deliver reasonable and cost-effective alternatives for delivering critical state services.

I am committed to closing the budget cap. The state has to preserve liquidity and adopt a sustainable balanced budget - the question is whether the administration and legislature are able to exhibit the leadership necessary to restore public trust and confidence that state spending has been sufficiently reduced to justify the use of Permanent Fund earnings and potentially new broad based taxes to meet state obligations.