Positive, experienced and engaged leadership for South Anchorage


Chris Birch and his family have been in Alaska since the 1950’s. He and his wife, Pam, have been married since 1978 and have two grown children and four grandchildren born and raised in Alaska. He has lived in District M since 1991.

In 1944, Chris’s dad, Frank, came to Adak with the US Marine Corps. After the war, he returned to Alaska with his wife, Bettijeanne. Frank worked as a mining engineer and Bettijeanne as a geologist, camp cook and bookkeeper in placer and hard-rock mines around the Territory, then State. When the couple was expecting their first child, Chris, they were employed at the Independence Mine at Hatcher Pass. Chris and his sisters grew up in camps near Fairbanks and in the Brooks Range.

Chris earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks in 1972, as well as a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management in 1979. He has been a licensed professional engineer in Alaska since 1978. Since moving to Anchorage with Alyeska Pipeline Service Company in 1991, Chris worked in engineering, business development or management capacities with Alyeska Pipeline, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and NANA Development Corporation prior to retirement.

“My parents taught by example the values of family, hard work and responsibility.”
– Chris Birch

In 2016 Chris was elected to a two-year term in the Alaska State House of Representatives representing South Anchorage House District 26. Chris served as a member of the House Resources, State Affairs and the Labor and Commerce committees as well as Co-chair of the Anchorage Caucus. Accomplishments include supporting some $200 million in budget reductions; supporting the State Senate in stopping an income tax on working Alaskans; eliminating the cashable oil tax credit program; and enabling transportation network companies like Lyft and Uber to operate in Alaska.

Perhaps the most significant legislation provides for a statutory limit on the amount that may be withdrawn from the Permanent Fund for public expenditures. In addition I sponsored HB 333 that allows Alaska communities to restrict cell phone use in active school zones to help ensure the safety of our children.

Chris Birch toting a small child